Dual Desk With Seat & Back 3ft

Dual Desk With Seat & Back 3ft

Product Description

Dual Desk With Seat &  Back

Size  900mmx  750mm  x  980mm  ,  Made  of  Steel Tube 38 mm, 18 gauge thickness fine
hardness Powder Coding, all bend and curve mould by automatic machine equal size
38mm all frame with curve supporting pipe 22mm 45 degree, seat supporting pipe 32 mm.

* Imported lockable nuts with built-in washer along with bolt will be supplied to fix the
frame without any losing. All the open end of the pipe should be cover with the plastic
cap. Bottom of the frame should be on plastic foot.

* Imported 18mm MDF
Top Size: 914.4 x 406.4 mm (18mm thick)

Front size: 914.4 x 203.2 mm (18mm thick)
Book Shelf Size: 254 x 914.4 mm (18mm thick)

Seat Size: 254 x 914.4 mm (18mm thick)
Back Size: 152.4 x 914.4 mm. (18mm thick)
Border cover of MDF would be of imported Poly Vinyl
Chloride.  0.8 – 1mm thickness
The detail specification & drawing picture (web reference if any) will be provided
on the letter head by the bidder. (China / Equivalent)